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Media Times Review Monthly is on-line magazine of politics, economics and ideas. The magazine is realized by non-profit organization, and it differs from the other media in Bulgaria principally by seven special features:

1) The Media Times Review covers issues related to the contemporary national and international politics, economics, high technologies and culture.

2) It covers not only Bulgarian political, economical and cultural life, but also the world affairs and developments

3) Especially for the mass reader it offers analytical articles by specialists and professionals

4) The Media Times Review is nonpartisan magazine

5) It publishes selected articles and analyses from the world press and media

6) All the contributors to our media are young, highly qualified professionals. They work at various Bulgarian and foreign universities, companies and institutions.

7) The Media Times Review presents books by Bulgarian and foreign authors.

The magazine has over 10 000 readers monthly and 350 subscribers, who receive in their personal e-mail the articles from every new issue of Media Times Review. Among our subscribers there are various Bulgarian media (papers, televisions), governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, journalists, and students from Bulgarian and foreign universities, teachers, business-leaders, etc.

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