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 декември 2004

Ясен Христов / Yassen Hristov
So there I was born in 1980 in Sofia. Then there was childhood and growing up time spent on having some fun and taking pictures. Still, remembering about everyday life problems, I was finding the bright sides. At that time I didn’t know that photography would soon become the aim of my life. Well, actually I didn’t know at all what would or could be my life theme. After high school I went to Danish College of Marketing Trade & Management. Those three years were filled up with knowledges. At the age of 19 together with begining PR studies at the University of Sofia I discovered the power of commercial and photography (the best part of my studies was making the “S.O.S. photo exhibition” which was a bit like performance in the city center). That’s why I’ve been cooperating with Polygraphic Combine Dymitar Blagoew for three years (photographing for two callendars). That’s why later I’ve been assisting in photography studio in Poland for a year... I also did a set of photos for com
mercial catalogue for Raab Kascher Project. And the third “thats’s why” are my actual studies in Europe famous film & theatre school (L.Schiller’s PWSFTviT) in Lodz, Poland. It’s been a year now as I’m doing reportages for Bulgarian Institute in Warsaw. I’ve been also DJing for six years now. Altogether it makes me feel truly cheerful. So that’s why I’ll keep on following my way.

* The last photoraph is a portrait of Yassen Hristov, taken by Marta Lis.

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Някои хора намират натрапчивия детайл, акта на близко наблюдение за скандален и неприличен. Но ако това, което търсите, е духа, същността на нещата, смятаме, че разглеждането на тази галерия ще си струва усилието.

Таня Лейк е фотограф на свободна практика, работеща за множество австралийски всекидневници и международни издания.

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