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 march 2009

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Barton Biggs and a look at the stock market

Charlie Rose

A conversation with Barton Biggs, Traxis Partners, a hedge fund based in New York City


The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

Think Thank

Francis Collins Part 1

Francis Collins Part 2

  DNA the genetic code that defines our bodies and our lives has been the focus of Dr. Francis Collins work. As head of the Human Genome Project at the National Institutes of Health and as an internationally renowned scientist, Dr. Collins and his team successfully mapped the entire human genome. Francis Collins is a Christian of great religious faith and the author of the best selling book entitled The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief.

An appreciation of John Updike with Adam Gopnik

Charlie Rose

"Causes and Consequences of the Global Economic Collapse"

Martin Wolf, Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

Conversations with History

Wolf discusses its global origins focusing on the interplay between surplus countries such as China and debtor countries such as the United States. He evaluates the response of America's political and financial leaders. Wolf defines a course of action for the Obama administration and offers a formula for the revitalization of global economic institutions such as the International Monetary Fund. He speculates on the future of capitalism and assesses the role of politics in preventing the stabilization of the global economy.

Conversations with History: David M. Kennedy

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes Pulitzer Prize winning historian David M. Kennedy for a discussion of what is to be learned from The Great Depression. Professor Kennedy, author of Freedom From Fear, The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945, analyzes the genius of Roosevelt's leadership, the tragedy of Herbert Hoover, the relationshp between FDR's short term goals to deal with the economy and his long term goals to establish a new political coalition and create institutions to stabilize American capitalism and more equitably distribute its resources. Professor Kennedy goes on to draw parallels wtih the current global economic crisis and the lessons that the Obama administration could learn from the New Deal.



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